Ways to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Once your small business is up and running, you need to get your business’s name out there so people will get to know your business. Of course, you can go through the traditional marketing channels like advertising on television or radio or buying ad space in local newspapers and magazines, but what else can you do to increase your brand awareness? There are more options than ever before to increase the awareness of your brand. Why not try one of these five ways to improve your brand awareness?


When you’re creating content for your website, you want to create high quality content that people will want to share. Infographics are an excellent example of highly shareable content because they not only present a lot of information in a way that’s easy to understand, they’re very eye-catching and people love to share them. If you create an infographic that’s relevant to your industry and include your business’s name and logo near the bottom of it as the creator, your business’s name will be seen by everyone who sees your infographic.

Referral Programs

One great way to spread the word about your business is to get your customers to do some of the work for you, for a little added benefit, of course. If there’s some way you can set up some kind of referral program where customers can get a freebie or another extra perk for spreading the word about your business, then they may be willing to do some of the work for you. Encouraging word of mouth promotion can have big results. For a great example of this, Dropbox has had tremendous success with their referral program which gives users free additional storage space when they get their friends to sign up for Dropbox.


Having a blog on your business’s website is really beneficial for several reasons. First of all, search engines like to see websites that have new content added to them on a regular basis, so having a frequently updated blog can help improve your rankings in search engines, making it easier for new customers to find out about your business. Blogging about subjects that are relevant to your industry or would be of interest to your customers helps to establish you as an authority in your industry. Blog posts also tend to be more shareable than content on other pages on your website.

You might also want to consider looking for guest blogging opportunities on other blogs and websites that are relevant to your industry. Most sites that accept guest posts allow authors to have a short biography that gets published along with your post, which is a perfect way for you to mention your business.


You probably won’t have to look very far to find sponsorship opportunities you could get involved with. If the city your business is located in frequently hosts community events or festivals, they most likely seek sponsorships from local businesses to help make those events possible. Schools and youth sports teams also often look for sponsors to help with fundraisers, buy yearbook ad space, or help with the costs of team equipment.

When you become a sponsor, you not only help make it possible for your community to have great events and organizations, your business’s name will be mentioned very frequently in material promoting the event or organization. Sponsoring local events and organizations also helps the local community see your business in a favorable light because it shows you care about the community.

Social Media Contests and Giveaways

Running contests and giveaways on social media can be a great way to raise brand awareness because when you require people to like, comment on a post, tweet a certain message, re-tweet something, or otherwise share an image or message, it spreads the word about your business to all of a customer’s friends and followers.

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